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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  February 18, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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>> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> tonight hundreds of bay area parents and students selling the catholic church stay out of our teacher's bedrooms. >> andria borba on the battle pitting catholics against each other. >> reporter: on one of the holiest days on the catholic calendar, ash wednesday, it was the students of the san francisco archdiocese saying the archbishop needed to repent and believe in the gospel. >> we are here because if jesus was alive today, he would be standing right next to us. >> reporter: he issued morality clauses to teachers including homosexuality and contraceptives. a representative of the
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archbishop said this. >> the archbishop is reiterating standard catholic doctrine. the complaint raised by different politicians and some parents and teachers is this is discriminatory. in fact, our doctrines the same for heterosexuals and gays. >> reporter: but it runs deep. >> we are preaching catholic values. >> but are they? after all, what the archbishop is trying to impose falls in line with catholic doctrine. >> it does, but we feel like if this goes through, our teach,ers may leave. we just think that maybe the catholic church should become
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as progressive as the episcopal church. >> reporter: but hundreds of years of church doctrine shows change will not come soon if ever. in san francisco, andria borba, kpix5. a san francisco catholic grade school gave students a pamphlet about sexual sins. tonight, they say it was an oversight. staff at star of the sea passed tout pamphlets to students as young as the second grade asking if they had ever masturbated or practiced birth control. parents were shocked. they were supposed to get the students ready for confessions, but admits it was for a more mature crowd. a group of guys started fighting and one guy pulled out a gun and shot the other two. it happened just after 7:00 p.m. at 17th and cap in the mission district. >> the victim was on the sidewalk. the victim in the crosswalk.
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they were arguing in spanish. >> the suspect headed south. he is still on the run tonight. the people he shot were taken to san francisco general. their wounds are life threatening. also, the wounds a man suffered in his own home turned out to be deadly and two young women may hold the answer to this mystery. betty yu has the story. >> reporter: this surveillance footage shows two women casually strolling into a convenience score in san jose. one of them was smiling. they are using a credit card of a man killed just a few miles aa. it happened around 3:00 a.m. on monday in gilroy. he died of blunt force trama. police turned up after a neighbor's dog had barked loudly toward the home and someone called 911. there were no obvious signs of
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forced entry and they don't believe this crime was random. tonight, detectives came by to collect more evidence including a car. cigarette was horrible. he was a very, very nice man. we loved having him live next to us. it is just very sad. >> reporter: karen and rob didn't hear anything unusual that night. they called him a family man. >> he would often have his grand kids over swimming in the hot weather and friends over. >> reporter: rob spoke to him the night before he was killed. >> he offered to help me work on my yard. and you know, we would always talk over the fence so to speak. just a really nice guy. santa clara, university of santa clara graduate. >> reporter: police say hiser lived alone and used to work in the it industry. they need your help finding these young women. >> there's still a lot of information that we don't know. that we would like to find out. and we are hoping that the two females depicted in the photographs can have some of
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those answers. >> reporter: in gilroy, betty yu, kpix5. >> this is the first homicide in gilroy this year. there were two all of last year. tonight, the governor has a simple message for the bickering dock workers and port operators. get it done. he put out this statement. after nine months of bargaining to be hung up on what appears to be an arcane process. it is unacceptable. get it done guys. the governors of oregon and washington are also calling for a deal. the big hold up is over arbitrators who handle contract disputes. the white house has sent the labor secretary to help negotiate. a big surprise, no tuition hike at uc schools. at least not for now. uc president janet napolatano has put off the hike until at least the hall. she calls it a good faith gesture as she battles with the
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governor over more money. she wants more money for the ucs and the governor says the ucs should manage the money they do have more wisely. they don't need to raise tuition. we are hearing oil industry talk tonight that gas prices may go up as much as 10 cents a gallon by tomorrow because of this. an explosion as an exxon mobile refinery down in torrance that sent smoke high into the sky. it can't reopen until they figure out why it happen but it is suggested the workers tried to activate a flare system to deal with a leak and something went wrong. four workers were slightly hurt. the explosion sent clouds of ash raining down on cars and nearby parking lots. a smoke advisory was issued for the area. students at 13 schools were kept indoors. the oil industry has pointed to fracking as a way to keep gasoline prices low, but is it worth the potential
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environmental risks? a new state report says yes. christin ayers reports not everyone believes that. >> reporter: three weeks ago, 8,000 people flooded oakland streets calling for a fracking ban in california. tonight's meeting far more subdued but the message was the same. >> this needs to be halted now. this is a public health crisis and nothing less. >> reporter: fracing works by injecting water laced with chemicals thousands of feet underground. it has caused ground water contamination in some places and recently, the state of new york banned fracking. >> governor brown like governor cuomo could put an end to it immediately. >> reporter: a report admits fracking could impact ground water and trigger earthquakes. tonight, some argued the benefits outweigh the risks. >> we should be doing everything possible to increase our domestic oil production. >> reporter: the state oil and
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gas supervisor claimed in a statement most of the significant environmental impacts can be reduced. he is banking in part of a new set of regulations that would disclose the chemicals used in fracking, test wells before and after fracking, and test nearby drinking water sources. those go into effect in july. but people here say they don't do enough. >> we have seen what regulations look like and now we want a ban. >> reporter: christin ayers, kpix5. tonight, we learned almost 200 people may have been exposed to a deadly superbug. two people have already died. at least seven others are infected after undergoing procedures at ronald reagan ucla medical center. the hospital says bacteria may have been transmitted despite sterilization when the same equipment was used on different patients. the bug is known as cre and it is drug resis tent.
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ucla is notifying patients. tonight, four managers pleaded guilty to a case involving tainted beef at a slaughter house in petaluma, the company's president and owner admitted to selling the bad beef. the foreman also entered guilty pleas. the scandal forced the recall of 8.7 million pounds of beef. get ready to dig deeper into your wallet at some oakland restaurants. mark kelly says it is because the restaurants will soon have to pay their workers more. >> reporter: and liz, it is coming up fast. less than two weeks to go an the minimum wage in oakland going to jump more than three dollars. that has restaurants from here on piedmont to jack london square figuring out how they are going to stay alive. oakland's chop bar run cooks a mean meal. the owner admits upping the
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minimum wage can do some damage. >> raising our labor costs even a few percentage points can, you know, it could potentiality hurt a lot of businesses. >> reporter: he says his staff people flooded deserves more money, but the customers will have to pay for it. that means a meal 5 to 6% more expensive. >> we are going to do a very small price increase and that should cover it. >> we think that is a fair and just thing to do for the people struggling in our communities. >> reporter: gary jiminez with lift up oakland is a big cheer leader of the hike and says that restaurants are exaggerating the cost. at homestead restaurant, the owner is trying the throw customers a bone. she is raising prices 20%. but, will no longer have to tip. >> the city of oakland should definitely provide access of living wage to the work force. >> reporter: mark kelly, kpix5.
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>> the owner of homestead says she will take the 20% price increase and spread it out among all of the workers. breaking news out of san jose tonight. you are looking at the dzo sports bar. it is on alum rock avenue. we are told two men were shot inside this bar just about an hour ago, we don't know their conditions. still working on that. police have made no arrests in this case. we are keeping an eye on it for you. and we will pass on any important information on this newscast and as we get it. only on kpix5, this dog was almost someone's dinner until a bay area woman intervened. tonight, the movement to change a chinese tradition. >> be nice or uber drivers may refuse to pick you up. tonight, we uncovered the secret ratings system and what could get
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>> tonight, people across asia are celebrateing the lunar new year. in beijing, the centuries old bell tower rang. some lit fire works and others burned incense as they prayed. president obama offers his well wishes. >> whether you are celebrating the year of the ram, the goat, or the sheep, may we all work to perfect this country we love. happy new year everybody. >> so which is it? the year of the ram, the goat, or the sheep? we asked our media partner to explain. >> ram, chinese pronounce it. [ speaking foreign language ]
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goat,. [ speaking foreign language ] , sheep,. [ speaking foreign language ] you can tell, this is the older one. [ speaking foreign language ] so in mandarin, you would say. [ speaking foreign language ] , not. [ speaking foreign language ] we would just say. [ speaking foreign language ] >> well, she says it depends on how you translate it. people can choose which year of the animal they were born in based on their personality traits. for a growing number of animal lovers in the bay area and china, they hope now will be the time to remember the story of a little dog who inspired a movement. cate caugurian explains. >> reporter: her name is duadua. she is one lucky dog. >> she made it over. >> it was a long journey. >> reporter: two years ago, she was a test dog at a vet school in china. when the students were finished with her, she was about to be sold for her meat. >> she was a day away from
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being eaten. >> reporter: but good fortune shined on her. thanks to this woman. andrea spotted the dog looking out a small window. she bought the dog and brought her by bus and plane back to the bay area where dua now lives with her best friend boomer and east bay attorney martha. eating dog meat is legal in china, but it is unregulated and some say unsafe. not only that, a growing number of animal lovers in china and taiwan believe it is just plain brutal. >> for all of the people who china actively fighting against this, we stand with them. >> reporter: many of the dogs appear to be stolen pets. some are still wearing their collars as they are stuffed into tiny crates to be shipped off to the butcher. 10,000 dogs are slaughtered in june for a traditional dog meat festival. >> she is in a small minority of dogs who make it out alive.
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>> reporter: she will show support to those in china seeking to stop the dog meat as well as cat meat trade. the hope, to raise awareness and encourage china to pass new laws that protect pets. in the news room, cate caugurian, kpix5. >> california is sister state to the province in china. they account for about 40% of the dog meat trade. they are circulating an online petition to send to the governor and san francisco mayor ed lee. a couple of guys walked into a jamba juice, but they weren't there for a smoothie. they ran saked the place. it happened in danville monday night. the pair tried and failed several times to get the cash doors open. one slammed the drawer to the floor. when that didn't work, they decided to carry them out the same way they came in. police are still looking for these guys tonight. san francisco's oldest cab company is getting a makeover. after 70 years, de soto cab is
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rebranding itself as fly wheel. fly wheel is a taxi hailing app based in redwood city. de soto is trying to compete with ride share companies like lyft, side car, and uber. speaking of uber, had trouble hailing one lately? maybe you are not uber nice. tonight, julie watts shows us the app's secret rating system and what it takes to get blacklisted. >> reporter: emily relies on a 3:00 a.m. cup of coffee to get her going and a ride by uber to get her to work by 4:00. but that ride became less reliable when they stopped picking her up. she thought there was something wrong with her app at first. >> 15 seconds to air. >> reporter: then, she soon discovered she couldn't get a ride because some uber drivers thought there was something wrong with her. >> i asked a driver what was going on and he basically told
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me i had a really low uber rating. under three out of five. >> reporter: like many, she had no idea uber drivers rate riders and decide who to pick up based on that score. >> you know what your rating is? >> i have no idea. >> i don't know what that means. >> reporter: not surprising since riders can't see their score unless they ask an uber driver. uber says feedback is a two-way street meant to curb disrespectable, threatening, or unsafe behavior. but that feedback doesn't include any details. only a score. so riders like emily are left to guess why theirs is so low. >> she asked me if i had done something to an uber driver. maybe i had puked in an uber car which i absolutely have not. >> reporter: she suspects it is because she is not so perky on her 4:00 a.m. rides into work. busy catching up on overnight headlines and reading e-mails instead of chatting with her drivers. >> i can't believe i was
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blacklisted. >> reporter: but riders have no way to dispute their scores so emily is determined to improve hers on her own. >> can you see what anyone has written about me? >> reporter: she is being uber friendly to every uber driver she meets and it seems to be working. >> all the drivers were really sympathetic. >> reporter: julie watts, kpix5. >> to find out your score, you can ask a driver, but they only see a number with no explanations. uber says it is exploring ways to show the riders their rating in the next generation of the app. or you can stand on the corner and hail a cab. say hey, want to make some money today? that works too. >> 4:00 a.m. is tough though. yeah. you want to make sure you get there as quickly as possible. >> you know what is tough? snow pack. or lack of. you hear a number, what is 22% of average? you don't live in the sierra if you are watching this broadcast. let's take the sierra to you.
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this is what 22% of average snow pack looks like. that is yosemite. that is near homestead point. elizabeth was hiking there a couple of days ago. that is at 8100 feet of elevation. 8,000 feet up and there is zero snowfall. i have good news. the long range climate prediction center outlook paints a wetter an average picture for all of california including the sierra and the bay area. this is coming up more than a week from now. likely not starting until early march, but it is something. some bit of hope that we can get some snow in the sierra and some rainfall around here. tonight, there will be low clouds, fog. 48 degrees. oakland, 51. san jose, 49 degrees. why no rain from days one to seven, why are we looking eight to 14 days? we have two ridges of high pressure. the one to the south has been dominant. a lot of cloud cover. we got the afternoon sunshine. it has felt like june for a second morning in a row. we say good-bye to that ridge.
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it is all about that ridge to the north that will give us a north toe northwest wind that is drier and for thus, that means more sunshine that will be milder. on sunday, we have been talking about a storm missing us to the east. i'm here to report, it will still miss us, but it will drag down cooler canadian air and the temperatures will go from the 60s and 70s with sunshine down to the 50s and the 60s with sunshine. the first time, pretty much all winter long, it will feel like winter with overnight lows in the 30s . afternoon highs in the 50s and the 60s . that does not start until sunday. low clouds back tonight. it will be a little warmer tomorrow. watch out for the king tides. one final morning with higher than normal tides tomorrow. san jose tomorrow. lots of sunshine, 70 degrees. morning cloud covers. los altos, 69. mid 60s in san ramon, 65 mill valley 68. lots of sunshine for
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cloverdale. extended forecast. after saturday, the 70s are gone. cooler. especially overnight. highs back to 70 by next wednesday. that is your forecast. we
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>> so what is wrong with the sea lions? >> hundreds of them are washing up sick. tonight, scientists think they know why. they think unusually warm water is to blame. sea lion's food supply has migrated north. temperatures in the pacific are two to five degrees arch this time of year, we will be
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>> the cal women have beaten stanford just 13 times in berkeley since the reagan administration and looked the get in number four. they are hoping to win their 14th straight back 12 title. bears on a 19-2 run in the middle of the first. three for 14 and a lead. stanford chips away. johnson tied the lead. then began the amber aran show. she scored six straight in the second half. stanford won.
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warriors run to oakland after a busy week in new york. steph curry probably had to check his trophy getting on the plane. it is safe and sound back in oakland. >> i think it is a landmark of the offices right now. take pictures with it. >> they are giving out all-star rings. not the ring i have in mind, but still, it is a start. and it is a nice momento. let him pitch. tim lincecum is in the starting rotation nor now. he is in the final year of his contract. pitchers and catchers reported to scottsdale today. there are two things you can count on every year in the desert. the giants bringing back a world series trophy andjeremy
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affeldt having another kid. >> my wife's horse is actually having a baby. so, she said, if we can pass it onto the horses, i'm fine with that. well, you have to have a baby somehow. [ laughter ] >> you know, ash wednesday might be a good day for colin kaepernick to give up tweeting. as for ravens coach shawn harbaugh? >> i'm going to give up chocolate and bread. >> how often do duke and north carolina come together? roy williams and coach kay pay respect to dean smith. blue devils won. number three, row your boat, gently down the stream. life was nothing but a nightmare for those guys. really, warriors acquired the guy in the striped shirt just before the trade deadline and for good reason.
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college baseball is in full swing and we might have the catch of the year right here elizabeth. he wheeled in the catch after a long run. he gets a little play this time of year. just because the pros haven't started up. tim lincecum. do you think he should be in the rotation? >> yes. and i heard the hair is back. >> it is back. and we will be right back. >> giv
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>> david letterman is next with will smith. >> our next newscast tomorrow morning for ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> from the lawless northern provinces, it's the "late show with david letterman." tonight... plus paul shaffer and the cbs orchestra. i'm alan kalter. and now, you're double daily dose of seratonin david letterman!


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